So there’s going to be a double whammy post this weekend, one being this recipe and the second a little more of a personal post and my thoughts on the ‘Western diet’ and a bit more into my Veganism journey or story. I mean some of you may not be interested, some of you will and that’s fine. I want to share it with you guys and hope I can continue to inspire some of you out there.

The obsession with falafels continues. Did I say that in the last post? Perhaps, but it’s true. They should be fully appreciated in every aspect. This recipe came about because I wanted to combine a bunch of my favourite things into one. Black beans (obvi), champagne mango (omg and currently on offer in Whole Foods) and falafels. Again (omg). So what better way that to make black bean falafels. The mixture is pretty similar to normal chickpea ones, but you’ll need less liquid and more of the dried things. Black beans are a lot softer and smaller than chickpeas so the consistency is different. This recipe can be whipped up in no time but is something a bit different from your average chickpea falafel and co.

The mango dressing was something I’d done a few times after being inspired by the wonderful Ellen Fisher from Mango Island Mamma. She is incredible and such a huge inspiration to me. Her family is beautiful and they live in a pretty dreamy location in Maui. I seriously recommend you go check her out and while your at it, go purchase her Ebook.. seriously, you won’t regret it. Ellen whips up all kinds of delicious raw goodness for her and her family and a mango dressing on top a huge salad is one of them. 

I wanted to stick with a Mexican theme as obviously black beans are very Mexi style so getting some ingredients together and chucking them in the NutriBullet is the easiest way to create a nutritious and insanely delicious sauce. Oh I will also add, the other half of the black bean can left over will be in the next recipe next week (planning ahead). Like I say each time, no waste over here, so I’ve got you all covered. You can thank me later.

So after that slight ramble, lets get to the recipe hey..

What you’ll need: Serves 1

For the falafel: 

½ can drained black beans – rinse well for ultimate digestion

Large handful of parsley

Large handful of coriander

½ lemon – juiced

1 small garlic clove

1 large spring onion – chopped small

1 tbsp coconut aminos

4-5 tbsp oat flour – I use Rude Health oats, then whizz them up to create flour

Salt and Pepper

Chilli flakes *optional

For the mango sauce:

1 champagne mango – they are pretty small and you want it to be nice an thick

1 spring onion – chopped small

1 large handful of coriander – stalks included 

1 tbsp coconut aminos

2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

1 tsp cumin

1-2 tbsp water – the mixture can be a tad gluggy, so adding water will help 

To serve:

Steamed green beans 

Roasted (or preferred method of cooking) sweet potato cubes

1 HUGE salad – I used, grated courgette and carrot, red pepper, raw mushrooms, corn, tomatoes and spinach

Smashed avo – dur

Lime wedges 

What to do:

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees C. If you are roasting your sweet potato cubes, I suggest putting these in the oven as soon as it has warmed up.

 To make the falafels place the coriander, parsley, garlic and lemon into a blender and whizz until roughly chopped and combined. I used my new NutriBullet as I find it breaks down the ingredients well and is easy to top up with the rest!

Add the black beans, coconut aminos, chilli, salt and pepper. Pulse until the beans start to break down (a few seconds should do it). Now add in the oat flour and whizz until well combined.Place this mixture into a bowl, season to taste, adding a little more lemon if its too dry or more oat flour if too wet. The mixture will be slightly more wet compared to normal falafels so don’t over do it on the liquid. Form into small balls and flatten.Place these onto a baking tray lined with grease proof paper. Bake for around 20 minutes, remembering to turn over half way through. They will be golden brown and crispy when done. You could put these on the same tray as the sweet potato if they fit!For the sauce, simply put all of the ingredients into the NutriBullet cup, or blender of choice. You can use the smaller cup for this. Season to taste if necessary. Place in the fridge whilst you prepare your other ingredients.Whilst your epic falafels and sweet potato cook, prepare your salad. Chop up your ingredients and place in a bowl. Wash and steam your green beans – usually they take about 8-10 minutes. Mash your avocado with a little lime/lemon, pinch of salt and some pepper.Your falafels should now be crispy and sweet potato also. Serve on top of your salad, along with the steamed beans and smashed avocado. Drizzle on some extra line and then pour on as much of your dressing as you like. If you have some left over, it’s great as a dip for those crispy (oil-free) sweet potato cubes!

I promise you, you’ll be making these for days. They are just so great. Perfect for a lighter lunch if you wish or dinner with all the fixings. Wrapping them in lettuce cups is all time and obviously something I do on a regular occasion. 

I know a lot of my recipes can be pretty similar but I use what I buy and what I feel good eating. Fresh foods that can be prepare quickly but also made into many different things. I’m all about colour. A place that’s full of so many different colours is the one for me. You eat with your eyes for sure, so why have a plate of grey meats of beige tones when you can eat an abundance of colour.

Oh.. you’ll also start to realise that coconut aminos is literally my god. It’s the best ingredient and I’m so happy its finally available in the UK. I used to go through bottles of the stuff back in Aus, so to finally be re-united it something special. You can buy it from a few places now, Planet Organic, Whole Foods etc. It’s usually with the soy sauce. A vegans best friend.. or one of them!

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